Monday, September 29, 2014

Macaron Shooter - Now OPEN

Hello Dear Readers,
Our new game Macaron Shooter has just opened on Google Play. We already announced the release of our new title last week and have eagerly waited for the weekend to end(!!) so that we could officially download Macaron Shooter into our devices. Some of us were more familiar with the game since we did countless internal testings, and as the game is easy to play, soon every one has caught on pretty quickly. Of course we will have to see who reaches the furthest stage on the first day.

Here are some of the game play images:

The game can be played both on Android and iOS mobile devices.
To download the game, just click on the link below:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


There are a lot of game shows in Korea, and we are always on the look out for interesting events to introduce our games to international publishers. What with the release of the prototype of our new game 'League of Masters' (still under development), we want to show everyone how great it will be.

So, on September 24-25th Appcross will be showcasing some of our games at the SPP GAME 2014 at the DMC Stanford Hotel. It will be a 1:1 business matching where the publishers from abroad will be sitting down and all the developers will take turns visiting them according to the time schedule. Sort of like speed dating...
The whole event is organized by the Seoul Business Agency(SBA). The interesting part is that they mainly support small to mid sized companies. So for the SPP GAME 2014, only small/middle sized developers will be participating. 

This event will be bigger than the previous occasion, with 21 overseas publishers from 12 different countries. There are lots of companies that we haven't met before, so we are eager for the chance to meet them and show our games. If there is enough time, we will try to battle them on 'League of Masters'.

To be continued...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spinning Donut - No.1

According to App Annie, Spinning Donut ranked 1st in Malaysia on Google Play Adventure.

Above is the screenshot :)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Google Play Featured - Spinning Donut

Happy Chuseok everyone!! Spinning Donut is featured in Play of the Week. What a great way to start the holidays. Go try it now

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

League of Masters - Prototype Video

Appcross is currently developing a MOBA (AOS) genre mobile game, temporary title 'League of Masters'
In July we finished developing the prototype version. We prepared it quite quickly to showcase at Chinajoy 2014 in Shanghai, so only about 30% of the final ideas have been added. But take a look at the play time video. Our team divided into teams of three to film a 3 vs. 3 battle.

Guess who I was?

Open and Ready

A week as gone by since we moved to our new office. Computers have been set up and everyone organized their desks. After much anticipation, the wi-fi is working again
and the snack+coffee table is ready for the hungry staff.

Now that we have a new name plate in front our our office,
we are officially open to visitors.

A Fresh Start

A new office to start a new blog.
Our Appcross team have moved to a new office on August 25th.
We are now work at DMC Hi-Tech Industry Center, Sangam City, Seoul.

Take a look at the cool building.